About Us

Looking back at how far I have come in the past 6 years. Getting married to my incredible husband, moving to the US from Pakistan (where I grew up), studying gemology at GIA, working with and learning from the best of the best in the industry, making life long best friends (you know who you are), having my gorgeous, healthy baby girl and starting a business. Here’s to my first fine jewelry collection inspired by my favorite New York City, a place that I now call home .

-Sophia khan, designer

Inara was launched in 2017. Derived form the Arabic word “to illuminate”, Inara highlights the grandeur of NYC through a structured, geometric and modern aesthetic.

Raised in Pakistan, Sophia completed her Bachelor degree in jewelry design and manufacturing in Pakistan before moving to New York in 2012, where she obtained her Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in NYC.

Sophia immersed herself in the industry, working in New York’s Diamond District, where she created Mughal rose-cut pieces, bridal jewelry piece and custom engagement rings.

In August 2016, Sophia welcomed her beautiful baby girl Layla to the world and took time to design her first collection drawing inspiration from the city she loves.

“My newest collection is a reflection of the patterns, striking lines and curves and geometry of our urban jungle. Each piece is my interpretation of my muse, New York City. The repetitive lines of the Empire State Building inspired the Empire Diamond bar earrings. The diamonds highlight the glitz and glamour of the city”.

The collection includes rings, earing and necklaces that are handcrafted in New York City, using 18kt gold and diamonds. Each piece can be worn on its own or layered for a bold statement.

Sophia’s immense passion for jewelry, travel, fashion, food and her family always keeps her inspired.